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Eco 402 Assignment solution 2020

ZOO504 Assignment No.1 Idea Solution

BT406 Assignment No.1 spring2020

CS601 Assignment No 1 Spring2020

BT605 Assignment No.1 Solution Spring 2020

BT101 Assignment No.1 Solution Spring2020

STA100 Final Term Paper

ZOO And BIO Tech Final Term Past Paper

MA English (Subject) Past Papers

MSC Zoology Final Past Paper

MTH100 Final Term Past Paper

CS101 GDB IDEA Solution 2020

Bio302 GDB Idea solution:

BT201 GDB Idea Solution

CS101 GDB Solution 2019-2020

PSY101 GDB Solution 2020

CS101 Final Term Past Paper update 2020

CHE201 GDB No.1 Idea Solution Fall 2019

CS 101 New Full Update 2019 Mid Past Paper

BIO Subjects Handouts

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