CS 101 New Full Update 2019 Mid Past Paper

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Spread sheet is a type of ____________.
1. Productivity software
 2. Engineering software
3. Mathematical software
4. Business software
Answer: 1 Chapter No. 1
Who wrote the first program for Analytical engine?
1. Babbage
2. Lady Ada
3. Haward
4. Bernoulli
 Answer: 2 Chapter No. 1
Which language had been used by the US department of defense.
1. Java script
2. Binary language
3. C++
4. Ada
Answer: 4 Chapter No. 1
World's first program was written by
1. Charles Babbage
2. Alfred Tennyson
3. Ada Lovelace
4. Bernoulli
Answer: 3 Chapter No. 1
Analytical Engine was a machine of which type:
1. non-programmable electronic machine
2. programmable electromechanical
3. programmable, mechanical, digital
4. programmable but non-digital
Answer: 3 Chapter No. 1
Deep Blue was the name of:
1. Human
2. Computer
3. City
4. None of the given
Answer: 2 Chapter No. 1
A _________ translates a high-level language (that is easy to understand for humans) into a language that the computer can understand.
1. Computer
2. Transistor
3. Compiler
4. Device
Answer: 3 Chapter No. 2

Internet - 1989 

"CERN is a gathering place for physicists from everywhere throughout the world, who team up on complex material science, building and data taking care of activities. Along these lines, the requirement for the WWW framework emerged "from the topographical scattering of enormous joint efforts, and the quick turnover of colleagues, understudies, and visiting researchers," who needed to get "up to speed on undertakings and leave an enduring commitment before leaving." CERN had both the budgetary and processing assets important to begin the task. In the first proposition, Berners-Lee illustrated two periods of the task:

To begin with, CERN would "utilize existing programming and equipment just as actualizing basic programs for the client's workstations, in view of an examination of the prerequisites for data get to needs by tests."

Second, they would "expand the application territory by likewise permitting the clients to include new material."

Berners-Lee anticipated that each stage should take three months "with the full labor supplement": he was requesting four programming engineers and a developer. The proposition discussed "a straightforward plan to join a few distinct servers of machine-put away data effectively accessible at CERN."

Set off in 1989, the WWW immediately increased extraordinary fame among Internet clients. For example, at 11:22 am of April 12, 1995, the WWW server at the SEAS of the University of Pennsylvania "reacted to 128 demands in a single moment. Somewhere in the range of 10:00 and 11:00

2.18 Quantum Computing with Molecules 

by Neil Gershenfeld and Isaac L. Chuang

Figuring a number with 400 digits- - a numerical accomplishment expected to break some security codes- - would take even the quickest supercomputer in presence billions of years. Yet, a recently imagined sort of PC, one that abuses quantum-mechanical cooperations, may finish the assignment in a year or thereabouts, consequently crushing a large number of the most complex encryption conspires being used. Touchy information are ok for the present, in light of the fact that nobody has had the option to assemble a functional quantum PC. However, specialists have now shown the attainability of this methodology. Such a PC would look in no way like the machine that sits around your work area; shockingly, it may take after some espresso next to its.

A few research bunches accept quantum PCs dependent on the particles in a fluid may one day beat a considerable lot of the cutoff points confronting traditional PCs. Barricades to improving ordinary PCs will at last emerge from the essential physical limits to scaling down (for instance, since transistors and electrical wiring can't be made slimmer than the width of an iota). Or on the other hand they may happen for commonsense reasons- - in all probability in light of the fact that the offices for creating still progressively incredible microchips will turn out to be restrictively costly. However the enchantment of quantum mechanics may take care of both these issues.

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