MGT501 Current Solved Quizzes Of Mid Term

MGT501 Current Solved Quizzes Of Mid Term

Question # 1 of 20 (Start time: 09:00:03 PM) Total Marks: 1  Opportunities & Threats are ________________ to an organization.  Select correct option:  

Important  Internal  Central  External  

Question # 2 of 20 (Start time: 09:01:00 PM) Total Marks: 1  
The study of the firms past employment needs over periods of years to predict future  needs is known as:  Select correct option:  

Trend analysis  
Regression analysis  
Ratio analysis  
None of the given options  

Question # 6 of 20 ( Start time: 09:05:48 PM ) Total Marks: 1  
As an HR manager you have collected and reviewed the information\data related to a  particular job, while conducting the job analysis. What will be your next step in this  situation?  Select correct option:  

Maintaining and updating the jobs  Identify objectives of job analysis  
Identify the job to be analyzed  
Draft job description & job specification  

Question # 8 of 20 ( Start time: 09:08:21 PM ) Total Marks: 1  
The method which uses the organization's current level of employment as the starting  point for determining future staffing needs is called _______  Select correct option:  

Zero Based Forecasting  
Bottom up Approach  Simulation  
None of the above  
Question # 9 of 20 ( Start time: 09:09:29 PM ) Total Marks: 1  Human resource management won final acceptance in: 
Select correct option: 


Question # 10 of 20 ( Start time: 09:10:07 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
For calculating the human resource requirements following areas need forecast except : 
Select correct option: 

Personnel needs 
Supply of inside candidates 
Personal needs 
Supply of outside candidates  

Question # 11 of 20 ( Start time: 09:11:15 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
Rajesh, who is a Hindu, applies for a job at ABC Company. The interviewer says that  WE hire Muslims only and we do not hire Hindu. Making this distinction: 
Select correct option: 

Is not allowable discrimination on the basis of religion 
It's not the act of discrimination 

It's more likely favoritism 
Discrimination is allowed at the interview stage of recruitment  

Question # 12 of 20 ( Start time: 09:12:39 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
Before; leaving the org XYZ Mr. Ahmed operation manager was asked to update his  ______ which includes his responsibilities and duties. 
Select correct option: 

Job identification 
Job specification  
Job description 
None of the them 

Question # 13 of 20 ( Start time: 09:13:40 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
The Government for the first time has reserved a specific number of seats in the National  Assembly for females. This practice of the Government is an example of: 
Select correct option: 

Affirmative Action 
Equal Employment Opportunity  
Social Responsibility 
None of the above 

Question # 16 of 20 ( Start time: 09:17:05 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
Which job analysis method is suitable when job consist on discernible physical activity? 
Select correct option: 

Combinations of method 

Question # 20 of 20 ( Start time: 09:22:29 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
According to which act, pay discrimination on the basis of gender for same position &  performance is prohibited? 
Select correct option: 

Civil rights 
Equal pay  
Worker compensation 
Age discrimination 

Question # 1 of 20 ( Start time: 09:25:40 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
______ refers to a set of expected behavior patterns attributed to someone who occupies a  given position in a social unit. 
Select correct option: 
Role  Stereotyping 

Question # 3 of 20 ( Start time: 09:27:23 PM ) Total Marks: 1  Which of the following HR activity is the basic element of recruitment? 
Select correct option: 
Attract the job applicants for the particular post  Select the best one among all applicants  
Train the people as per organizational requirements 
Fire the non-performing employees 

Question # 4 of 20 ( Start time: 09:28:55 PM ) Total Marks: 1  'Human Relation Approach' was emerged during: 
Select correct option: 
Question # 5 of 20 ( Start time: 09:30:18 PM ) Total Marks: 1  Which of them is the area covered under the study of job analysis?  Select correct option: 
Employee behavior 
Work activities 
Performance standard 
All of the given options  

Question # 7 of 20 ( Start time: 09:32:46 PM ) Total Marks: 1  Methods of Collecting Job Analysis Information include  Select correct option: 
All of given option  

Question # 8 of 20 ( Start time: 09:33:42 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
Which of the following is NOT one of the methods of recruiting outside candidates?  Select correct option: 
Job advertisements 
Job postings 
Employment agencies 
Executive recruiters  

Question # 9 of 20 ( Start time: 09:35:13 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
Which of the given term is used to represent the segments of jobs held by an individual  throughout his/her life time? 
Select correct option: 

Question # 11 of 20 ( Start time: 09:36:55 PM ) Total Marks: 1  Which one method of job analysis is universally superior? 
Select correct option: 
Individual interview method 
Group interview method  
Observation method 
None of given options 

Question # 12 of 20 ( Start time: 09:37:56 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
'The process of determining the human resource needs of an organization and ensuring  that the right number of qualified people are positioned in the right jobs at the right time'  is described by which of the following term? 
Select correct option: 
Job planning 
Resource planning 
Human resource planning  
Succession planning 

Question # 13 of 20 ( Start time: 09:38:36 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
The employees belonging to same gender or color or any other common attribute are  usually found to communicate with other employees from the same gender or color. This  refers to: 
Select correct option: 
Segmented Communication Networks  
Lower Cohesiveness 
Work Force Diversity 
None of the above 

Question # 16 of 20 ( Start time: 09:43:01 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
Ahmed has already negative perception about two candidates who are in the list of  Candidate's pool .what will be the best way to avoid biasness in the interview? 
Select correct option: 
Ahmed should change his negative feelings into positive ones. .  
Org should change the interviewer. 
It's better to conduct board interview. 
It's better to conduct written test instead of interview 

Question # 17 of 20 ( Start time: 09:44:02 PM ) Total Marks: 1 
Background investigations and reference checks are considered to verify candidate's  ___________. 
Select correct option: 
Marital status 

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