Pronunciation ,Lecture No.02 ENG101

Exercise - 02 


This exercise is tied in with utilizing a word reference to perceive the way to express English expressions. 

The undergrads of English are much of the time worried about English elocution because of the reality spellings of English expressions frequently reason disarray. The understudies ordinarily face inconvenience to articulate an expression viably after they study it. 

This exercise is in parts. In the initial segment, you might be acclimated with a lot of interesting images known as phonemic images which can be utilized to propose each discourse sound. The 2d a piece of the exercise comprises of certain activities. 

Take a gander at the resulting words: 












The expression 'ensemble' which begins with the letters ch is articulated with the 'k' sound while inside the expression church the letters ch is said on the grounds that the Urdu/Punjabi letter : . 

For example In the word 'apportion',- tion is articulated as 'sh' while in the word 'machine'- 'ch' is likewise announced as 'sh' 

Recall that the phonemic images are given in lessen sections inside the word reference. /Now attempt to state those words stronger. Pay uncommon enthusiasm to the state of your mouth and lips. 

Notice that the images for protracted vowels have two little dabs in the front of them. 

Next we've eight diphthong vowels. These are sounds which can be created by method for joining two vowel sounds. There is a movement or stream starting with one vowel sound then onto the next. 

So there are 20 vowel phonemes in English. (7 short, five extensive and 8 diphthongs). 

Presently we will take a gander at the consonant sounds/phonemes. In English there are 24 consonant sounds. These are the sounds delivered with the guide of the total or halfway stoppage of breath. 


Stress is the additional weight utilized in articulating or talking a chose expression. A lexicon will demonstrate strain by method for a little imprint on the apex of a word this way: ' 

At the point when you appearance up an expression inside the lexicon, make certain to realize where the pressure falls on the expression. E.G.: 

(a) mother table after 

– In those models the initial a piece of the word is anxious. 

(b) lodging bamboo banana- 

There are a few words in English which have the equivalent spelling yet have a place with unmistakable components of discourse because of the reality they're troubled in an unexpected way. For example 

'rebel (n) The r'ebels set out their arms. Re'bel (v) Children re'bel towards their folks. 

'blessing (n) The 'blessing changed into flawless. 

'present (adj) Were you 'present at the gathering? 

Pre'sent (v) Please pre'despatched your work. 

Peruse the resulting entry. 


PCs right now are an indispensable a piece of our lives. Numerous things, open or private, that we do all through the bearing of the day are tormented by them. Visit any open organization or office, from emergency clinics to schools, from the meteorological authority to the stock trade, and so forth and you are sure to go over individuals working at PCs. Gone are the occasions while sections were made physically in registers and records on the bank. Presently all monetary exchanges are led by utilizing the pc. 

Most movies and TV arranged promotions use previews or depictions created with the help of a PC. There is not really a circle of life that doesn't include the utilization of a PC. 

In any event, when you exit on private tasks, to the visit specialist to purchase an aircraft value ticket or digital book a seat at the entomb city transport, to the mall or a supermarket, the individual in the rear of the counter utilizes a pc outfitted with laser and scanner tag age to check the cost of each item you put sooner than him and afterward utilizes it to include the expense to give you an aggregate, all inside couple of moments. 

A standardized identification is an example of thick and flimsy lines and spaces that establish characters that can be inspect by means of a scanner. The standardized identification recognizes the thing to which it is joined; the scanner moves the sign to a pc that fits the code to a charge or stock unit. PCs are presently not things just experienced outside the house; they're particularly a piece of the family unit things. One can't envision a world with out PCs. 

Exercise I: 

The entry can be look at out a subsequent time. As you study this entry you may see a rundown of words on your TV screen. 

Tick handiest the expressions which you hear being look at. 

1. Vital 

6. Include 

11. Accounting 

2. Games 

7. Keep up 

12. Experienced 

3. Machines 

8. Tasks 

13. Scanner 

4. Records 

9. Staple 

14. Craftsmanship 

5. Flight 

10. Libraries 

Exercise II: 

You may also confront inconvenience in utilizing the correct strain for the accompanying expressions. Use lexicon to find where the pressure falls inside the each word: 

1. Ad 6.Computer 10. Meteorological 

2. Influenced 7.Exchange 11. Innovation 

3. Fastened eight.Inventory 12. Thick 

4. Agency 9.Manually 13. Exchanges 

5. Character

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