Whale Skeleton Was Collected From Balochistan

Whale Skeleton Was Collected From Ormara Balochistan in 1983

At first sight whale looks more like a fish than a mamrnal and thus mistaken as ash by many. There are about 78 species of whales Knand in marine as well as fresh ers of the world. They greatly vary in size and shape but even the smallest ones (Dolphins and Porpoises) would be at least I m. long. %ttales are dhided into two main groups 'Toothed whales' which possess teeth e.g sperm mule. and Baleen Whales' which are gentle filter feeders and possess a filterirw organ. baleen. in the upper jaw. Baleen whales include the famous Blue Whale. 

The skeleton displayed here belongs to a Blue W'hale which was collected from Mekran coast 01 Balochistan. ThLs species is distributed in almost all oceans. from equator to poles. At a maximum length of 30 m and weight over 200 tons. 

Blue Whale is the largest animal ever IWed on this planet. Its arteries are as big as drainpipes and its heart is the size of a small car. Its huge tongue weighs over 4.0 tons and can take 60 tons of water in one gulp. 

It can dive up to 500 m Depth where the pressure is about 45 Atmosphere and can stay there for two hours. In winter they migrate poles to the warm waters for breeding and return to 'Niles in summer. They Travel long diqance,s. up to thousands of kilometers. 

Before the age of petroleum and plastics. whales were an important source of raw material 'or many items of daily use. Its oil was refined and sold for burned in lamps. Baleen was shredded to make brush bristles. 

Necklaces. umbrellas, boot laces. combs and different handicrafts were made from different parts of the whale. Its oil was also used in medicines and soap ├╝idustry. Nowadays. alternatives have been found for all whale products. 

However. whale meat is a gourmet rood item in Japan where it in Japan where it is sold at high price۔

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