Chatta Katha Sar

The lake is also located in Shawter Valley. Located at an altitude of 13,500 feet or 4,100 meters, it is a beautiful lake that is accessible as well as difficult to navigate. From the base camp, two stops called Dick One and Two add to its charm. 

The 20 km jeep track from Kail takes you to its base camp, Hauz Neelam, which is considered to be the base camp of Chatta Katha. After which a 5 km long but steep climb leads to the lake.

Locals usually come and go in ten to twelve hours, while tourists also spend twelve hours on one side.

It is best to travel from base camp to Dick 2 in one day. The next day go from Dick 2 to the lake and arrange the return according to your convenience and time.

One of the reasons for the fame of Chatta Katha Sar is the captivating view of Hari Parbat Kadal. Moreover, so far no one has been able to reach this peak. It is the third highest peak in the region, followed by Sirwali, Toshira Wang's Range, Range and Green Mountain.

There is also a lake in the valley below called Chatta Katha 2.

In addition to Linda Sar 1,2 1 to 2 hours away, there are five khatis and a few unknown unnamed lakes in the area.