Lakes of Swat Valleya

According to some, there are thirty lakes in the Swat Valley and some claim that there are fifty-two lakes in Swat. As far as I know, there are more than 200 small and large lakes in Swat. The following are the lakes that are within human reach. Some lakes are beyond human reach. I did not mention them in this post.

It is noteworthy that most lakes are found in the Bahrain Valley.

According to my limited knowledge, I am writing the names of some lakes. If anyone knows the names of other lakes, they can also add to my knowledge. 

1.     Godar Dand (It is located on a very high mountain in Kalam Valley)

2.     Mahudand (this is beyond Mittaltan)

3.     Saifullah Dand is also called Qandil Shahi Dand (it is some distance from Mahudand).

4.     Neel Sar (This is on the track of Kachi Kani Pass beyond Mahudand)

5.     Green Lake (also on the Katchi Kani Pass track beyond Mahudand)

6.     Nelui Dand (It is located on the hill to the left of Mahudand)

7.     Jabba Dund (it is on the track of Dadrali Pass)

8.     Penalshe Dand (This is near the base camp near Dadrali)

9.     Daredevil Dand 1 @ 2 (these are near the top of the Daredevil pass)

10.                        The three lakes of Spingle Sir Dund (these are located on the hill opposite Jabba Banda before the top of Dadrili Pass)

11.                        Two unnamed lakes are located at an altitude of more than 15,000 feet in the mountains towards Abasin Kohistan.

12.                        The four lakes of Zumolo Dand. Jabba Zumolo Dand and Jabba Dodiri Dand. I do not know the names of the other two lakes. (These lakes are located in the mountains above the Palugaha valley beyond Mittaltan)

13.                        Andrab Dand or Koh Dand (It is located on a hill in the Ataroor Valley beyond the village of Anakar)

14.                        Mastuj Dand (It is located in Janshai sub-valley of Atroor)

15.                        The three lakes of Negor Dund. (These lakes are located near Anakar Pass)

16.                        Spin Khor Dand (It is in Atroor Valley)

17.                        Kandol Dund (It is in Atroor Valley)

18.                        Izmus Dund

19.                        Twin Lakes of Khapiro Dund or Pre Dund (It is in Atroor Valley)

20.                        Loye Pandar Dand (It is located on the hill next to Khapiro Dand)

21.                        Chambar Gahi Dand (It is located in the Loy Pind Ghale Valley at Jahaz Pass and Chambar Gahi Peak base camp)

22.                        Seven unnamed lakes (these are located near Loei Pind Ghale Pass)

23.                        Kagha Dund (this is Bahrain)