Neil Bohr's atomic model

Neil Bohr's atomic model 

Part I

 According to Rutherford's atomic model, the positive charge is concentrated at the center of the atom and about 99% of the mass of the atom is concentrated at its center. 

But his model was unable to explain the energy of electrons. Used the classical theory of electromagnetism, according to which if anyone accelerates a charged particle, it emits electromagnetic radiations (energy). 

But if that happens, the electrons will continue to emit energy and eventually thunder into the nucleus. If that happens, the atom will collapse and it will take a billionth of a second for this to happen. 

If the atom collapses, everything will be destroyed. But we see that the atom is stable. Therefore, everything exists. This means that the way electrons revolve around the nucleus is their energy. Cannot be explained with the help of classical theory. So it means that their in Reggie needs a new theory to explain. 

Neil Bohr used quantum theory, based on Max Planck's, to describe the energy of electrons in 1913. The following passchalets of Bohr's atomic model are: 

1) Electrons circulate in circular orbits around the nucleus. 

2) Electrons can revolve around the nucleus only in orbits whose angular momentum is an integral multiple of h / 2π ie they can only revolve in orbits whose angular momentum can revolve in either 1.h / 2π Or 2.h / 2π or 3.h / 2π ho & so on. That is, they cannot rotate in orbits whose angular momentum is 1 / 2.h / 2π or 1 / 3.h / 2π or 1 / 4.h / 2π, etc. That is, they can only rotate in specific orbits in which h / 2π is either the result of one, the product of two is multiplied by the result of three, or the product of three is multiplied by one hundred. This means that they rotate in the same orbits. Whose angular momentum will be quantified. 

3) As long as the electron remains in one orbit, it will neither emit nor absorb energy. Energy will be emitted or absorbed only when the electron moves from one orbit to another. 

4) When an electron goes below the higher energy level (orbit) to the lower heading level, it will emit energy. Similarly, when it goes from the lower energy level to the higher energy level, it will absorb energy. The price of energy will be equal to the difference between the higher energy level and the lower energy level.

E = E2-E1

hf = E2-E1

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