I wrote Lake

Moon Lakha's path is also a track to the left of Sirle and he wakes up in a day. Accompanied by this local guide. You can also reach here from the back side of Gomot and Jab.


 Ram Chakwar / Chharwali writing Lake

The lake is also a four-hour birth distance event in the Saral Valley. In 2019, a team of local guides talked about discovering a track of five lakes. Because of Ram Chakoor (bird), Ram Chakoor writers are also different. Then there is the matter of Chakoor in the local language. There is also Gomot, Jabba Beck and Surgeon's Way.


 Lake Mall Lake

Malanwali Lake Malanwali Nadar is also separate which is located near Moon Moon Lake and Ram Chakur Lake.

Note: Moon Lake, Ram Chakwar Lake and Mullah Wali Lake can also be visited at the same time. Jack includes a night camp and cannot escape any hassle.


 Butt Canal Lake Lake

After the journey of vehicles from Jagran to Shaal, at 7-8 pm, the birth track has come up from the place called Dhok Kundi and reaches Dhok Butt Kanali from where the path of the mixed membrane is about DD km. becomes.


 Lake Shoventer Lake

This lake is located in Shaunter Valley Neelam Azad Kashmir at an altitude of 3100 meters or 10200 feet above the surface of this lake. The lake is the foothills of the glaciers, and the source of the lake's waters is the glaciers that examine God's aspects.

This lake also writes spawn, so the designation is in its shape, so it must match the glow, and the jeep can easily reach this lake from Calder. Where the road ends, there is a shunter with a waterfall. Writing this locally is also different.