Saidpur Village arranged on the slants of Margalla Hills in Islamabad is perhaps the most established town of Pakistan. In excess of 500 years of age Saidpur Village is known for its legacy, history and old stories. 

Nowadays the town is filling in as one of the most loved cookout place in Islamabad for both neighborhood and unfamiliar guests. 

The town slanting on the inclines of Margalla Hills presents an alluring perspective in delicate light of morning and night. 


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The town was named Saidpur after Sultan Said Khan child of Sultan Sarang Khan. During the standard of Mughal Emperor Babur Sultan Sarang Khan was the Lord of Pothohar locale (from Jhelum to Attock). 

Later Said Khan skilled this spot to his little girl who was hitched to Mughal sovereign Jahangir child of Mughal head Akbar. 

Jahangir's memoir, Tuzk-e-Jahangiri specifies him remaining in Saidpur while he was headed to Kabul. The town used to be a nursery resort around then.