Ziarat is a district and a famous hill station located in the north of province of Balochistan. It is a famous holiday resort of Balochistan. 

Nearly every trip from Karachi to Quetta stops at Ziarat. Khalifat Hills are the highest peak with an altitude of 11,400 feet in Ziarat district. Ziarat has the highest ‘Human Development Index’ of all districts of Balochistan.

The name Ziarat means ‘Shrine’. There is a shrine of Baba Kharwari 8 km from Ziarat town. His name was Tahir. He became a disciple of Nana Sahib. A number of miracles are attributed to him. 

A huge number of devotees come here and offer sacrifices. The tribesmen, during the Eid festival gather around the shrine and hold marksmanship and wrestling competitions.

About 1 km from Ziarat is the shrine of Baba Nau Gaza. It is surrounded by big graveyards. 

The real name of Nau Gaza Baba was Kareemdad. It is said that when he died his body became large by nine yards therefore people started to call him Nau(nine) Gaza(yards) Baba. People come to the shrine to pray.

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