Ziarat is a region and a well-known slope station situated in the north of the region of Balochistan. It is a celebrated occasion resort of Balochistan. 

Essentially every outing from Karachi to Quetta stops at Ziarat. Khalifat Hills are the most noteworthy top with an elevation of 11,400 feet in the Ziarat area. Ziarat has the most elevated 'Human Development Index of all locales of Balochistan. 

The name Ziarat signifies 'Sanctum'. There is a hallowed place of Baba Kharwari 8 km from Ziarat town. His name was Tahir. He turned into a devotee of Nana Sahib. Various wonders are ascribed to him. 

An enormous number of lovers come here and offer penances. The tribesmen, during the Eid celebration, accumulate around the hallowed place and hold marksmanship and wrestling rivalries. 

Around 1 km from Ziarat is the place of worship of Baba Nau Gaza. It is encircled by large cemeteries. 

The genuine name of Nau Gaza Baba was Kareemdad. It is said that when he passed on his body turned out to be huge by nine yards subsequently individuals began to call him Nau(nine) Gaza(yards) Baba. Individuals go to the sanctuary to supplicate.