NASA's systems engineer busy searching for life on Mars.

 "Farah Ali Bay"  

NASA's systems engineer busy searching for life on Mars.

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Farah Ali, head of the ground control team for NASA's Mars-based remote-controlled spacecraft 'Perseverance', is searching for life on Mars.

A few days ago, seven minutes after NASA's space shuttle Perseverance entered the atmosphere of Mars, it was the longest phase of Farah Ali's life. Minutes after the vehicle landed on the Red Planet, the NASA system engineer, born in Montreal, Canada, breathed a sigh of relief and thanked him.

Farah, who works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, says the next step in the project is the difficult phase in which she is guided to find out by remote control of the spacecraft landing on Mars. Whether there was any possibility of life on Mars in the past, 'It's an honor for me to find out.'

Who is Farah Ali Bay?

According to NASA's website, she was born in Montreal, Canada, attended high school in Manchester, England, and then graduated from Cambridge University.

Interest in space:

She was eight years old and she saw the scenes of Apollo 13 and that's where their love started.

"What impressed me," she says. Not only were there vast expanses of space hazards in these scenes, but there were also teams of engineers preparing to tackle those dangers that seemed to solve even the most insurmountable problems.

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