The earth is a revolving planet and the view of the sun

Research and writing by Jada Khan

If there is a globe like a ball on this earth and it has to rotate on its axis at night, then how can it be known that the sun is rising straight on a line a kilometer away and the rising sun is not a sunset?

This is the biggest question that has plagued the earth since time immemorial and women are questioning its pivotal movement.

Recently, this question is not pure astronomical science, but it has been answered again.

By the way, this is the short scientific answer that the sun is tilted on the earth's axis.

There is no question of research and reflection on this, but we do not make the process easy. Try

Experiment: How the sun is moving. Orbital / arcs are visible.

Equipment ::

Ball of any color, such as the local elastic "volleyball", six inches or whatever diameter available

Notebook Marker *

Type *

One pole "A" cannot be named on the two opposite seats in the antipod positions, the other is quality pool "B", and a monitoring line is placed on the ball pool from the statistics between "A" to pole "B".

Now open the marker in the form "Pool" A "Look at it" Slightly draw a circle line of Pool "A" which is in the circle of Pool "A". Name the cancer.

Mark the letter "C" somewhere on this cancer line.

Now from Pool "A" to Pool "B" above this mark "C" the Arpert line linearity shows this line towards Pool "A" to the north and towards Pool "B" now to the east and west. Also show directions "C".

Note [You also use the Globe Map on your Earth to avoid this complicated process.]

Now both poles of the ball code (ABB) will stop easily, you have to remember that the pole "A" has to be tilted towards the axis. In the meanwhile, the bidding is not moving and there is calm on both poles.

You have to use or avoid any stand

Thus it became known about the bolt coat aspects that the distance aspect has come to the fore during which you have to maintain yourself as the sun and its direction is called the "mark on the" cancer line "in addition to the hair. Has been given. You will have any kind of talk from the east, you are automatically giving the place of the rising events from the east on the ball of the sun. Now if you observe carefully, you (observing from the location) ie the setting sun will be on the northeast side, now you will see the coat itself diagonally. You are static as the sun, but there are people with orbitals above the hair "sign" C, when you come across the sign "C" on the serotonin lines, it is not the sun itself. You are also going to observe the direction of the poor by twisting your ball like this.

In such experiments there are also questions of some tribes about you about which we have made a orbital path by "C" which is a sign of the sun (light up). In fact, we are stationary. Are and hair curled? The answer is a bit complicated to understand which is the meaning of people's experiences anyway and is aware of the meaning that it is an experience of quick intellect and what does it mean? We see a round plane plate on a ball and we see every place on this plane plate and we see this plane plate. When you rotate the circle of such centers, your plane plate is like your circle clock in every place and in the same way you see the cookie rotating circle in every place.

If we were to live in a ball, we would have no liner from the axial rotation of our journey. Angular (finger) Our journey in two directions will be the way of the hero after each specific distance. The center of the center will shrink along the distance like the center of the eclipse and we are located at the centers of this axis and due to its rotation our stationary sun has to change the angle and direction at every distance.

The second important process is that the place of the sun on the axis of the earth is much larger than the place of the sun and the distance away from it is also due to the direction and path of the rising sun. Watching the sky move in an orbital / arc-like path from sunset to sunset.

This whole Fina Mina is the experience described above that requires only one experience.

How did the land bid?

 * The path of the sun

The fact about the longitudinal blood (north-south) and the age of the blood (east-west) to the hairy earth is that the letters are also included in the path of the sun, these three lines, the equator, the zodiac, the letter Cancer?

The equator is assumed to be at zero degrees of latitude, 23.5 degrees to the south, the equator to 23.5 degrees to the north, from east to west, around a ball-like round earth. Since the earth is tilted at its axis and so on for about 365 days The tilt completes one of its orbits around the sun. During this time, when the earth is tilted towards the sun, the pole of the earth is tilted towards the north sun, and due to the rotation of the earth at that time, the sun is above the equator. Circulation occurs during which the sun appears to revolve around the North Pole in areas north of the equator, while in areas south of the equator the sun appears to revolve around the South Pole (consider this fact on Flat Earth). In any case, it is not possible, but it is possible only on ball-like ground.

As the earth revolves around the sun, tilted to its axis, it reaches the point where the sun rises from the far east for the countries on the equator and rises in a straight line at the "exact head" at noon. above the head, sloping in the same straight line and setting in the west (during this time the shadow of the sun, after sunrise, becomes smaller towards the east instead of circling, then at noon. The shadow disappears. Then when the sun sets, the shadow extends to the east, maintaining the straight line of the shadow of the first noon of the day, ie, the sun travels in a straight line across the sky; There is another definite proof of being like a ball, because if the earth were flat, neither the shadow would be in a straight line nor would it move in a straight line in the sky from sunrise to sunset;)

Why can't the earth be flat?

If the earth were to be considered flat, then all the celestial bodies visible to the sun and night should always revolve around the North Central Pole in any weather, from the equator to the north or from any corner of the southern world. The opposite is true and that reality descends right above the ball-like ground.

In this post we have talked about the biggest argument for the Earth being like a ball on the way to the sun, besides more big arguments can also be observed.

The Earth is a ball-like sphere because north of the equator you are revolving around the Earth's North Pole (so you can see astronomical planets revolving around the North Pole as you can see from the ball experience described above. From the equator to the south you are moving around the south pole (so you can see all the celestial bodies here revolving around the south pole) while on the exact equator you are moving around the center of the earth in a straight line. So here you can see all the celestial bodies moving in a straight line above your head.

In Equinox, when the sun travels across the equator, the sun rises in the equatorial region at exactly 90 degrees (Azimuth) and moves in a straight line and sets at 180 degrees in the west. Observation can make everyone ordinary and special.

This whole process fits perfectly on the ball-like ground without any complications, but does not fit any model of flat earth in any case. Let's see how:

As we know that on flat earth the sun is circling parallel to the sky above it and the reason for rising and setting is to move away from us and come closer to us, the formation of seasons to reduce the diameter of the circle of the sun or This means that the path of the sun on the flat earth should be an arc / arc-shape in every situation, in every season, from sunrise to sunset, which is the flatness of the earth near the flat arteries and the circumference of the sun on it. Clockwise rotation is the exact cause, but wait, can we prove it by observation?

The answer is no! For example, in equatorial belt countries like Malaysia, etc., there the sun rises from the east, ie 90 degrees (azimuth) without making an arc/arc, walking in a straight line, making a 12-hour day in the west, 180 degrees in the west. Sunset occurs on the azimuth which does not fit any flat earth model by any means.

According to the Flat Earth model, in Aquinas, the sun rises 90 degrees is ymmetrically on the equatorial strip, but while making an arc/arc of 180 degrees, that is, making a semicircle, the angle of sunrise is 90 degrees according to the 90-degree azimuth for the observer. But not only sunset but also sunset at about 220 degrees and in this case the directions are also distorted.

According to Flat Arthurs, the east and west directions are often determined by the rising and setting of the sun, perhaps because they would have made a failed attempt to correct the angle of the sun's rising and setting. But in doing so, either the directions of the flat earth are confused and the angle of the sun's asymmetry of sunrise and sunset is wrong, even though they do not know that in fact the observed four directions apply to the globe without the appearance of the sun on the earth. As Azimuth quotes, the directions are 0 degrees north, 90 degrees east, 180 degrees south, and 270 degrees west, and the observations of the sun in those directions are accurate. It doesn't matter what the weather is like or where the place is.

The modern so-called International Flat Earth, ie the current famous Eric Dubay, attributes the path of all the planets, including the sun, to the * perspective * by forcibly taking advantage of the lack of knowledge of others on Flat Earth, even if it were. At the same place we see the celestial bodies revolving around the North Pole center in the the northern part of the sky and in the southern part of the sky we see the celestial bodies revolving around the South Pole center. Also the theory of transparent the solid sky is presented which According to the clear solid sky, the sun forms an arc-like path to the equator and different directions north or south from it, which is not proved by any scientific experiment or principle, but by force in people unfamiliar with the principles of science. Wearing the cloak of reality is embedded in their minds, this is the greatest rejection of the Flat Earth Theory and the Flat Earth Model which cannot be removed by any prospect or new assumption.


If the ground were flat:

* The path of the sun that is observed would not be like this

** The angle of the sun would not be correct

*** Directions go wrong, Azimuth and at sunrise and sunset.

**** All celestial bodies always revolve around the North Pole from any point on the earth

Note *

Flat Earth Theory

The Flat Earth Theory is an ancient distorted biblical theory that has been circulating around the world since 2014 in a very contrived way, apparently spread by religious Christians and Jews who have distorted Bible beliefs in Pakistan last year in 2017. Inspired by the International Flat Earth Society, Shah Zawar Bugti, Mohammad Abdullah and Abdul Wahab have started spreading this theory in Pakistan and have set up their own platforms on social media. Mohammad Abdullah declared his helplessness in this theory. But Hafiz Abdul Wahab Sahib is still trying to impress people who are less familiar with science. In this article, I am naming all those compatriots who may be made victims of this false theory in the future.