The UK has released a report on the serious side effects of the corona vaccine.

The UK's official website this week released a report on more than 200,000 side effects caused by the corona vaccine, including hundreds of sudden deaths.

Security experts and the World Health Organization's vaccine safety experts are holding an emergency meeting on Tuesday to assess the serious side effects of the corona vaccin

After which several European countries stopped vaccinating against corona, several cases of blood clots and heart attacks were reported in Europe after the vaccination. 

While the vaccine reported more than 200,000 severe side effects on the body, including 1,000 cases of blood disorders, 1,900 cases of cardiac arrest, 1,200 cases of ear disorders, 2,200 cases of eye disorders, and immune system disorders. 500 cases, 3800 cases of infection, 2600 cases of metabolic disorders, 24000 cases of muscle and tissue disorders, 44000 cases of nervous system disorders, 3500 cases of psychiatric disorders, 5300 cases of respiratory disorders, skin disorders. 

There were 10,500 cases, while 71,700 other general side effects appeared, including hundreds of sudden deaths from vaccination and other fatal side effects.

The report was released this week by the UK's official website, which has run the WHO, including the vaccine maker Bill Gates and the Melinda Foundation. The official report is published on the following website: