The woman with the plane is the world's first fighter pilot.

 His specialty was to fly his plane at the speed of a bullet with difficult gusts of wind, to hit enemy targets, to shoot bullets and shells at the right target, and to return to safety by blowing up enemy targets. 

The world's first female Air Force fighter pilot was not German, not British, not Russian, not Chinese, not Japanese, not American. Rather, she was a Muslim woman from Turkey.

Her name was Sabiha Godkin Kamal and she was the daughter of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey.

Today, Saudi Arabia has started issuing driving licenses to women. Some European and American newspapers have been praising but often mocking and exaggerating the plight of women's rights in Muslim countries.

 He probably didn't read about Sabiha Godkin. The purpose of the post is public information.