DNA test

What is a DNA test and how is it performed? 

Learn some information you may not have known before

You may have heard the name DNA test often but most people do not know what it is. This test is very important for identifying any missing person. Today we are going to tell you some important information about DNA that you may not have known before. 

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is a hereditary substance found in the body of human beings and all living things. A nucleus is found inside the human cell and DNA is present inside it. All cells in the human body have the same DNA, while each person has their own DNA. In humans, 50% of the DNA belongs to the mother and 50% to the father. 

DNA contains all the information about a human being. For example, DNA can be detected by a person's gender, hair color, age, eye color, and anatomy. However, DNA can also be used to find out what diseases a person has. How is a DNA test performed? DNA testing can be done with human hair, blood, bone, flesh, or nails. 

DNA is first isolated from a human cell and then several copies of DNA are made by a chemical reaction. With the help of these copies, DNA is better tested. After a thorough DNA test, a fingerprint is made and then the relationship is determined by looking for similarities in the DNA fingerprints of two different specimens and thus the person's identity is complete.