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Common Bronzewing:

Common Bronzong is a medium-sized pigeon known for its extremely beautiful and attractive bright color patterns on its wings.


Scientific name:

Phaps chalcoptera


Geographical boundaries:

Australia 2



Grasslands, bushes, forests, desert areas.


Physical measurements:

Size = 36 cm

Weight = 390 grams.



6 years average.



Its diet includes seeds, nuts and some wild fruits.


way of life:

Common bronzing pigeons like to live near water. It travels alone and in fear. It builds its nest in the branches of trees with the help of straw and poles.

If it senses danger, the grass tries to defend itself by hiding in the bushes, and if the enemy approaches, it quickly kills the fly.



By the way, these pigeons can breed all year round, but most breeding takes place from August to January.

The bronzing pigeon lays 2 eggs per season, after which the chicks hatch after 2 weeks of age. The chicks are reared under the care of their parents for 25 days after birth.


Survival status:

At the moment there are no serious threats to this beautiful pigeon breed.