Shalimar Gardens Lahore


                               Shalimar Gardens Lahore

 Lahore is broadly referred to as the city of nurseries as you will see various eye getting gardens in this notable city. A portion of the nurseries are recently built yet the primary magnificence of the city is with its memorable nurseries which are still very much kept up and give a charming visual appeal to the guests. 

The notable Shalimar Garden is one top vacation destination in the city which has notable importance. It is additionally broadly known as the 'Shalamar Gardens'. The nurseries are important for the Mughal period which was finished in a record season of 1 year in 1642. The credit of the spot goes to the then Emperor Shah Jahan who was known for his adoration for nature and development. 

This extraordinary composition of nature and constructional fine art was refined under the task the executives of Khalilullah Khan who was a prestigious respectable of the Emperor's court. Shalimar name significance is as yet an uncertain secret as the history specialists are yet to affirm that whether it came from Arabic or the Persian beginning. The spot is found near Baghbanpura on the GT street which is the upper east way a ways off of 5KM from the downtown area of Lahore. 


The site of the memorable Shalimar Gardens was the property of Arain Mian Family of Baghbanpura. Shah Jahan compensated them with the 'Mian' illustrious title for its administrations and commitment to the then Mughal Empire. The top of the family, Mian Muhammad Yusuf gave up the property of to the Mughal Empire as he was compressed by the Royal specialists. 

They were keen on that specific area in light of its optimal situating and the nature of the dirt. In any case, Shah Jahan as a return favor conceded the Mian family with the administration of Shalimar Gardens. It stayed under their administration for almost 350 years. 

Field Marshal Ayub Khan nationalized the spot in the year 1962 on the grounds that the Arain Mian Family contradicted him with his Martial Law burden in the country. The energetic celebration of Mela Chiraghan was a yearly occasion until 1958when Field Marshal General Ayub requested against it. 


The engineering of Shalimar is unbelievable with its elongated parallelogram shape which is covered from all sides with a high block divider. The divider is an appealing sight to watch on account of its dazzling many-sided fretwork. The idea of the nursery depended on Char Bhagh. 

The elements of the nursery from north to south are 658 meters and from east to west are 258 meters which is a sensibly immense region. UNESCO in the year1981 remembered Shalimar Gardens for its World Heritage Site alongside the Lahore Fort in the year 1972 for its interesting development and importance with history of the time. 

The Unique Terraces of the Garden:

The nursery is an appealing site basically in light of its exceptional 3-level porches going from south toward the north side of the nursery. The porches are at a tallness of around 5 meters one over the other with an equivalent degree of distance. All the 3 patios have their particular names which are given as follows: 

The top porch which is at the most noteworthy rise at the third level is known as 'Farah Baksh' in Urdu which in a real sense signifies 'Bestower of Pleasure' in English. 

The mid level nursery which is at the second level is known as 'Faiz Baksh' which has the exacting importance of 'Bestower of Goodness'. 

The lower garden which is at the least rise from the start level is known as 'Hayat Baksh' in Urdu which in a real sense signifies 'Bestower of Life'. 


The wellsprings of the Shalimar Gardens are the feature of the spot which gives a hypnotizing feeling when they are all going full speed ahead. Incredibly, the nursery has as numerous as 410 trenches which are fueled from the close by waterway. 

The water through the wellsprings releases itself into the unfathomably wonderful white marble pools. They are very much designed at such bygone era and all the credit for a particularly exceptional wellspring framework goes to the Royal Engineers and the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for concocting this magnum opus of work. Their designing was acceptable to such an extent that even the contemporary specialists of today think that its difficult to understand the related water arrangement of the wellsprings even by alluding the structural plans of warm designing. 

The nursery territory encompassing the wellspring is exceptionally cool as a result of the wellsprings streaming. It give the guests of the nurseries an extremely alleviating feel especially in rankling summer season in the country when temperatures may rise more like 50 degrees. The conveyance of the 410 wellsprings in the nurseries goes as follows: 

  • The upper porch has a sum of 105 wellsprings. 

  • The mid level porch contains 152 wellsprings. 

  • The lower level porch has the most elevated number of wellsprings at 153.

Buildings of the gardens:

The Shalimar Gardens are about greenery and wellsprings as well as it likewise has a scope of structures with shocking design which merits viewing. The structures were built for various purposes that serve the Royal family and the guests of the time too. The structure structures in the Shalimar Gardens incorporate the accompanying: 

Sawan Bhadun Pavilion 

Aiwan (The Grand Hall) 

Hammam (The Royal Bath) 

Naqar Khana 

Aramgah (The Resting Place) 

Begum Sahib Khawabgah (Bedroom of the Emperor's better half) 

Diwan-e-Khas-o-Aam (Hall for the standard and extraordinary guests to the Emperor) 

Baradaries (The late spring structures for appreciating close by wellspring coolness) 

2 Gateways 

Minarets arranged at the edges of the nursery 

In the current day, it is sensibly fit as a fiddle and it serves the residents of Lahore as outstanding amongst other spot to visit. The guests to Lahore discover their visit to be inadequate on the off chance that they pass up a great opportunity in visiting the Shalimar Gardens. It is an astounding spot and bunches of work should have been accomplished for its legitimate safeguarding and ideal support work.

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